If you would like to come by taxi, we will be glad to organize it for you. Just type us the number of your flight / arrival time please and the taxi driver will pick you up and ride you to us. 
If you prefer calling taxi there is an option. Number: +421 2 17 158 or u can use app too. (Android or iOS).

From Bratislava Airport

Time:   15 min
Price:   approx. 10€

From Central Railway Station

Time:   9 min  
Price: approx. 5€

From Bus Station

Time:   6 min
Price:   approx. 5€

From Most SNP / From Twin City Liner

Time:   6 min
Price:   approx. 5 €

From Airport Schwechat Vienna

Time:   60 min
Price:   approx. 50 €

It is known that in Bratislava it is difficult to get a taxi - do not let yourself be robbed by speculative taxi drivers who use the ignorance of tourists.