Accommodation rules



BEST LOCATION APARTMENTS, Námestie SNP č.18, Bratislava


Landlord : Best Location, s.r.o., Jozefská ul. 6, 811 06  Bratislava

1.       To protect your comfort, safety and enjoyment, and that of your neighbours, Landlord has adopted the following rules concerning your stay at Best Location Apartments. All guests are obliged to follow these accommodation rules. Failure to comply with the rules will constitute a material breach and may result in blocking the security deposit.

2.       A security deposit of 100 € is paid in advance. A security deposit might be used towards any repairs or replacement of damaged items in the apartment if the damages resulted from the action of the guest or his visitors. Otherwise the security deposit is returned to the guest at the checkout.

3.       Guests, who have used booking services to rent a room have to provide the reservation confirmation number to reception upon their arrival.

4.       Guests will be charged the tourist tax imposed by the city of Bratislava.

5.       The landlord provides services to the client at least in the scope and quality specified by the relevant decree on the categorization and classification of accommodation and catering facilities.

6.       Check-in according to the reservation from 3 p.m. to 12 a.m. We require each guest (over the age 15) to have and show a valid unexpired government-issued identification upon check-in. Guests who do not provide this identification will not be allowed to check-in.

7.       Guests luggage can be stored in a safe storage at the premises, both before check-in or at the day of the check-out. A staff member will store the luggage in a locked storage room.

8.       Guests will use the apartment during their stay according to the reservation dates.

9.       Check-out time before 10 a.m. Failure to check-out on time may result in an extra day charge and reimbursement of all costs related with the alternative accommodation of the next guests.

10.    Forgotten belongings will be stored in the storage for 30 days. The landlord will contact the client to solve the situation, according to the best interest of the guest. All shipping arrangements are paid by the guest. Disposal of the stored items will only proceed on the basis of a written statement of the guest or after the expiration of the stated period of 30 days.

11.    Before occupying the apartment, the guest checks the condition and the functionality of the apartment and its equipment and reports any malfunctions or deficiencies immediately to the reception.

12.    In the event of a guest's illness or injury, the receptionist / operator shall provide medical assistance or transfer to the hospital.

13.    The guest agrees that during the entire duration of the rental of the accommodation, the Facility manager, Landlord, Chambermaid or Repairman have the right to enter into his apartment, in order to perform their duties.

14.    The landlord is not responsible for potential disagreements or conflicts between guests, but will, within the scope of lawful options, take the necessary measures to ensure order and peace in the accommodation and common areas.

15.    The guest can only accept visits in the apartment with the reception staff's consent and only from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

16.    Without prior consent of the landlord, the guests are not allowed to move furniture, adjust or otherwise tamper with the electrical or any other installations, either in their rooms or in the common premises.

17.    We are firm with night time hours from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

18.    Guests should avoid loud behaviour. Radios or television should never be operated to the disturbance of others. In the apartments and hallways, guests shall not behave loudly, party, listen to radio or television programs at high volume, or otherwise disturb other guests in the building.

19.    The whole building is a NO SMOKING area, including apartments and balconies. NO DRUGS.

20.    For the sake of safety, children under 12 years of age are not allowed to be left unsupervised by an adult either in a room or in other premises.

21.    In the building and in the rooms in particular, the guests are not allowed to use their own electrical appliances and devices, except for those used for the guest personal hygiene (shaving machines, hair dryers, chargers for usual consumer electrical appliances, etc.).

22.    In the event of a fire, the client is obliged to contact the fire / reception desk immediately and follow the instructions of the fire alarms and the fire evacuation plan. In case of firefighting unit arrival, it is necessary to follow the orders of the commander. In the case of deliberate and/or unnecessary activation of the fire alarm, or if the alarm is activated because of smoking or forbidden electric devices, you will be charged a fine of 1.000 €, all costs of the fire intervention and any damage caused to other guests at the time of incident.

23.    All common premises are camera monitored. The camera system is managed by the landlord Best Location s.r.o., phone :+421905332331, email: Personal data processed through the camera system are processed solely for the purposes of the legitimate interests of the operator - the protection of the property of the operator and the clients of the facility and the safety of the clients during their stay. Data are processed on the basis of Article 6 (1) (a). (f) of the General Regulation on the protection of personal data. Personal data are archived for 7 days, then automatically deleted. In the form of video footage, it will be provided, on the request of a law enforcement agency or other authorized state authority (e.g. a court).

24.    Guests are able to use everything in their room and in common premises of the building.

25.    The guests will be liable for loss of or damage to the landlord’s property according to the generally applicable legal regulations.

26.    Guests must close the water taps, switch off all electricity, close the windows and doors and return their key to the receptionist upon check-out.

27.    A fee of 100 € is charged for the loss of the key from the apartment, its damage (or damage to the lock).

28.    Bed linen are exchanged at the facility upon new guest arrival, long stay once a week, or at the request of the client for a fee. (charges will apply).

29.    Cleaning in common premises is done daily or as needed. The apartments are always cleaned prior to check-in or at the client's request for a fee.

30.    The client is obliged to keep the apartment clean and always wash the dishes.

31.    Improving ideas, claims or feedback are welcomed. Please leave your feedback at the reception or can be submitted in a notebook which you’ll find at every single apartment.

32.    The guests are required to adhere to these house rules and they are bound to familiarize themselves with them. In case of a breach the landlord might apply a charge of 20 € from the security deposit.

33.    Employees and reception or manager are not allowed to provide any information to third party (except police investigation or other legal incidents/events).

34.    Accommodation rules can be seen at reception or at our website

Effective as of 1.7.2018

Landlord:       Sefo Raclavský, administrator

                       Pavol Brlaj, administrator